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Venomous Snake Sheds (Whole)

Venomous Snake Sheds (Whole)

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Our venomous snake sheds are collected as each snake grows. They shed roughly once each month so this does not harm the snake in any way. Each snake is captive bred and well cared for in private collections. We generally get stock of rattlesnake sheds and also various pit viper sheds. We keep the species general in our listings as the effects in your magical workings will be very effective with any pit viper species. If you want more specific information on them we will gladly provide it.  

Add venomous snake shed to your protection workings to give it an extra bite! Venomous snake shed is very very powerful in baneful workings and wards. It can be used for offensive and defensive magic. Placing this shed in your night time satchel will protect you from low vibrational and negative entities during astral travel.

RattlesnakePersonal protection on a high level. Rattlesnakes give plenty of warning and rarely use all of their venom against a threat. Their trademark rattle and fierce strikes tend to ward off most attacks. Rattlesnakes are the animal guardians of ancient wisdom and will help you in shedding that which no longer serves you. They represent strength, healing, fertility, physical power, change, and new beginnings.  The rattlesnake is a popular totem animal because it is seen as a powerful creature that can help people through difficult times. When the rattlesnake appears, it is often seen as a sign that change is coming. Other spiritual and magical uses include love/lust work, hiding works and laying traps with their excellent camouflage. Strong hexing qualities come from it’s venomous and aggressive nature, which make it also great in protection works and also can symbolize deception. Can be given as offerings to Gods/Goddess for transformation, healing, animal totem symbology, spirit houses, and divination. Rattlesnakes are the animal guardians of ancient wisdom and will help you in shedding that which no longer serves you.

Viper: Personal protection on the highest level. Viper symbolism and totemism is quite diverse and there are many different ways to interpret the symbolism of the viper. For example, some people see the viper as a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and healing. Additionally, the viper is often seen as a symbol of protection and invincibility. This can be attributed to the fact that vipers are usually shy and secretive creatures that are difficult to track and catch. The Viper represents strength, cunning, power, agility, focus, determination, and venomous strike. On the other hand, they are fierce defenders of their territory and will go to any lengths to protect themselves or their families. In some cases, the viper totem can represent healing and transformation, while in others, it may represent death and destruction. Native peoples believe that, like the viper, we all have light and dark forces. It is up to us to learn how to balance these forces and use them for our purposes and highest good. If you’re drawn to viper symbolism, it may be because you’re struggling with some temptation or feeling like you’re being deceived. The viper is associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio. When the viper appears in dreams, it can be a warning to watch out for someone who is poisonous or deceitful. The viper is also associated with the element of fire, which is said to represent passion and power. 


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Well worth the price

Esmeralda Dass
Awesome Snake Sheds

I wrote in to Blue Lion as I wanted to buy some pit viper sheds. However I wasn't sure if they would deliver to Singapore. Thankfully they did and I must commend them on their excellent customer service. I really appreciate the effort they put in to check and I am touched that they included additional snake sheds without extra cost. 10/10 excellent customer service and great quality snake sheds!

Viper skin is gorgeous!

I got the viper skin for a protection ritual. I feel like it is the powerful thing that I have used so far! I really love that it was the entire shed and came folded very neat and beautiful! I have ordered other sheds before from others and they are always a mess, sometimes moldy or wet. This was pristine and obviously handled with care!