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1oz. Organic Asafoetida Powder

1oz. Organic Asafoetida Powder

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Asafoetida (Ferula Assa-foetida) is used widely in Indian and Persian cuisines. This herb is used to flavor pickles and it often finds its way into foods of these nations as a condiment. To cook with Asafoetida, one would heat oil or butter in a pan and then add a small amount of the asafoetida to the fat to saute. For those who cannot eat onion or garlic yet enjoy the taste, Asafoetida can take their flavorful place. Because of its strong scent when uncooked, it is wise to store it in an airtight container.

One of the strongest banishing herbs, it is used for repelling evil, reversing hexes and jinxing enemies. Add Asafoetida into your cleansing rituals for an ultimate purification boost. Also known as "devils dung' because of it's intense garlicky smell. It is extremely effective in purifying yourself, loved ones, and/or home. It is recommended to wear gloves and work with this in a well ventilated space. When incorporated into your cleansing workings,  it acts as a ward. If someone sends you negative energy, knowingly or unknowingly, Asafoetida ensures that it will go straight back to the source. Other spiritual uses include exorcisms, banishments, and baneful workings. It is used to banish negativity, evil spirits and demons. This defensive herb can be worn as an amulet to avert the evil eye. Carry a pinch in a red satchel to keep the law away. Dress a black cat candle with Asafoetida Liquid. Roll it in Asafoetida Powder and light the candle to get someone out of your life for good. Sprinkle a small amount outside of your home to protect the land from low vibrational negative energies or spirits. 


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Kessa Smith

Another great product ! I won't be ordering from anywhere else!


Strong, powerful and endless ways to use. Protection from the inside out LITERALLY. Have you ever served your loved ones knowing this powerful ingredient would protect them, if not try it & your under stand how satisfying that feels. This is a great pick , excellent quality, smelled powerfully fresh. Its literal magic in your hands.

Smells great and expels my bf from the area!

I know this stuff is known for having a bad smell, but I really like it! However, my man does not and leaves the house! So I think that means it's working! : )