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1oz. Organic Rosemary (Dried)

1oz. Organic Rosemary (Dried)

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Rosemary is a traditional healing herb used for externally and internally. This can be brewed into a tea and drank. It can be infused into an oil for a topical treatment to sooth the skin from symptoms related to various skin conditions and diseases. when added to hot water it can be used as a hair growth treatment. 

Add to your protection workings for an extra boost to ward off evil intentions. Other spiritual uses include, protection from the evil eye, cleanses your energetic aura, mood boosting qualities, keep Rosemary under your pillow for a good nights sleep. Hang in your room to keep away malevolent spirits and attract good luck. Some Practitioners believe it can be a substitute for any herb in magical workings, many do not agree that this is a property of Rosemary. 


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