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Gila Monster Pendant

Gila Monster Pendant

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Personal protection, self-preservation, survival and balance. The Gila Monster is one of two venomous lizards and can live a year without food. They show you that it is okay to be frugal and warns you to be careful with your resources. Gila Monsters also symbolizes the need for self-preservation and not to overextend yourself in any facet of your life. The Gila Monster also represents protection and maintaining a good balance. Before you make any final decisions or changes, make sure you weigh all of your options. Patience is a virtue of this animal. They are highly intuitive and fiercely independent.

The Gila monster had different meanings according to tribal traditions. The Apache tribe believed that its breath could kill a man and the Pima believed that it possessed a spiritual power that could cause sickness but the Seri and the Yaqui tribes believed that the hide of the Gila monster had healing properties. Venom from the Gila Monster was used to poison darts and arrows to deadly effect.

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