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Handmade Ritual Incense

Handmade Ritual Incense

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Our handmade incense base is pure Ecuadorian Palo Santo and Organic Frankincense powder that was hand gathered sustainably and then hand crafted with intention to amplify your workings. These burn very clean and fill your space quickly!

 These are sold BY WEIGHT and the number you get of each depends on their size/weight. All options will come with 1/2 ounce (0.50oz.) of handmade incense in the shape you choose. For example, the Día De Los Muertos Skulls choice comes with 2 piece because they are larger. The Stars choice comes with 10 pieces because they are smaller. You can break larger shapes up if desired for multiple uses.

Add Frankincense resin to your protection spells, for an extra layer of protection for your energetic aura. Other spiritual uses include, burn the resin for cleansing yourself and home, to relieve stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression, spiritual offerings, spirit invocation, astral travel, and to connect on a deeper level to the divine. Place a few pieces of Frankincense resin under your pillow to protect yourself in the astral while you sleep. Add Frankincense resin to your cleansing spells to banish negative energy. Burn Frankincense resin to cleanse and purify your ritual space and items.

Adding Palo Santo to your cleansing spells will help purify your spiritual body from harmful energies, knowingly or unknowingly sent your way. Burn to raise the vibration of your space, relieve stress and anxiety, and banish any unwanted, negative energies that may be holding you back from your highest good. Placing a piece of Palo Santo near your front door, in your car, or around your home, will attract higher vibrational, positive energies into your life.

The Palo Santo from Ecuadorian Hands supports restoration of the dry forest of Palo Santo in Manabí-Ecuador. 100% Eco-Friendly and Sustainable. Supports Native Communities in Manabi-Ecuador. Full Traceability: Directly from the forest to your hands! This product is elaborated without harming the Palo Santo wood tree. They only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest.


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Love the shapes!

These are so cool! I love how they burn and I have never seen incense shaped like these.


This is my new favorite incense for my ritual and spell working sessions. I really love even more that it is handmade. I have the fresh palo santo from here and this is made from the same good stuff.