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Protection Ritual Kit

Protection Ritual Kit

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This make your own Protection Jar kit has everything you need to make a very powerful protection working for yourself, home or personal spaces (car, office space, etc.), for your loved ones and/or pets! We have included enough ingredients to make more Protection jars, or to have a little extra to add to your witchy stash. When it comes to magical workings, it is very important to add your own, unique energy into your working. We make it easy for you so you don't have to spend your time researching what goes into it. You get to focus your energy to make a strong, effective protection working. There are three tiers so wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you have a level available to you that is well thought out and powerful! All ingredients included are ethically sourced, cleansed, and charged with intention under the full moon, making it ready to be casted upon arrival!

Printout of ingredients and step-by-step instructions included. Details of ingredients also located below in the Materials section of this product page!

Basic Level
 Small South African Porcupine Quill, Black Candle, Black Tourmaline, Dragon's Blood Resin, Rosemary, Yarrow, Wormwood, Mullein
Intermediate Level
132 Year Old Large Coffin Nail, Witches Burr, Black salt
Advanced Level
Venomous Snake Shed, 132 Year Old Red Brick Dust


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