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0.25oz Tar Water (Full Moon Eclipse Charged)

0.25oz Tar Water (Full Moon Eclipse Charged)

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Tar Water, also know as Pine Tar Water, banishes negative spirits, entities, and energies. It repels and wards off unwanted spirits and stops them in their tracks. Also known for it's curse and hex breaking abilities. Tar water PERMANENTLY bans undesired spirits, entities, and attachments. Incorporate tar water in your protections, cleansings, and banishments to ensure these negative energies will not come back. It is also very effective when incorporated into your reversal workings and wards.

Place one drop in each room of your home to ensure negative entities and/or spirits cannot enter your space. Apply around the perimeter of your home as a permanent barrier against unwanted entities and energies. A little goes a long way since this is very strong. 

This batch was made during the waning moon phase and charged under the full moon eclipse for added potency.


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Customer Reviews

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Denise Hartley

I bought the tar water and it is serving me well with powerful protection medicine. I am so thankful


Haven't used yet but can't wait to use it

Kessa Smith

Wonderful stuff!

Good quality from good people

Was just as promised and I was amazed at how awesome it worked . Will for sure be getting more

Tar Water

Amazing product, excellent add to my ingredients. Its one of those things that once you have it , you will be sure to always make sure you have it on hand.

The best I have used!

I needed to redo some protections on my home and this was an incredible add! They are not joking when they recommend a single drop in each room. There were a few areas that I wanted to be really thorough with so I did the corners as well.